What’s the best water filter for backpackers?

The most common problem backpackers have is the water filter.

It’s one of the most popular items on the market, and there are plenty of options.

Here are some of our favorites.1.

The Littlest Microfiber Water Filter1.6 oz.

(50 grams)Littlest microfiber filter is a lightweight water filter that comes in a variety of sizes, including 10mm and 12mm.

It has a soft, flexible head to keep the filter clean.

The filter is made of soft, water-resistant plastic.2.

The Bigelow BFR2.3 oz.

The BFR filter is the best of the lot for the backpacker looking for a water filter with a little more durability.

It is made from a tough, water resistant plastic, which makes it waterproof, even in hot weather.3.

The Duracell Water Filter3.2 oz.

Duracel’s BFR water filter is designed to keep water and contaminants out of your backpack.

It comes in multiple sizes for both small and large water filters.

The small one is about the size of a credit card, while the large one is the size for a small water bottle.4.

The Nalgene Water Filter4.1 oz.

Nalgenes BFR is made out of a high-tech polycarbonate.

The material is a durable, water and food resistant, and it’s made of a tough material that won’t break down in the elements.5.

The MOLA Water Filter5.2oz.

The Marmot BFR comes in both a small and a large version, and the smaller one is designed for water filtration.

The larger one is a good option for larger families.6.

The Ulta Water Filter6.2 Oz.

Ulta’s BF2 water filter has a built-in filter, making it easier to filter the water.

It also has a removable lid that can be opened and closed, allowing you to quickly filter water from the bottom of your water bottle without emptying the container.7.

The AquaVero 3.0 Water Filter7.3oz.

AquaVeros BFR filters are the most durable of the bunch, but they don’t come with a lanyard or a snap on water bottle holder.

The smaller ones come with plastic lanyards and a plastic bottle holder for quick water access.8.

The Aquazone Water Filter8.2 1.2 ounces.

The 3.1-ounce Aquazones BFR has a nice, flexible body for holding a water bottle, and an eye-catching water filter cap.

The 2.1 ounces have a plastic cap and a metal cap.9.

The AQUO water filter9.2 2 oz.

This small water filter can be used as a disposable water filter if you’re looking for one with a soft filter, and a water reservoir.

The size is small enough to use in the shower or a bucket for water storage.10.

The JB Water Filter10.2 3 oz.

JB’s BFF is designed as a water purifier and water filter.

It can also be used for filtering the water from your backpack when you need it.

The big filter is big enough to filter water and other contaminants from a backpack, but it’s also water resistant.11.

The Kona Water Filter11.2 4 oz.

Kona’s BFG water filter offers a little extra water to keep your water clean.

It only comes in 1.8 ounces, but that’s still plenty of water for a backpacker with two bottles.12.

The GAP Water Filter12.2 5 oz.

GAP’s BFW is a little smaller than its big brother, but its filter still comes with a handy water reservoir and water bottle attachment.

It makes for easy access to your water bottles and to keep contaminants out.13.

The Roxy BFR Water Filter13.2 6 oz.

Roxy’s BFL water filter fits in a plastic water bottle and has a water tank attachment.

The extra volume is nice, but you can only use it in the bathroom, so it can’t really be used outside.14.

The Dyson Microfibre Water Filter14.2 7 oz.

Dyson’s BFP water filter isn’t as water-absorbing as the others, but there are some great features like the large reservoir for quick filtrations, and this is a great water filter to use when camping or hiking.15.

The Hana-Cara water filter15.2 9 oz.

Hana’s BTF is designed specifically for camping and hiking, and we love the fact that it comes with water storage for you.

It doesn’t have a lancet attachment, but this small water bag is perfect for a quick water filter or water purifying.16.

The Thermaltake ThermoBrake 16 oz. Ther

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