Kitty backpack on sale in Kitten’s Paw – New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND, New Zealand (AP) – A kitten’s backpack is on sale at a flea market in Kittapaw, where it was once part of a family’s everyday carry-on luggage.

The backpack, which was originally sold for $15,000 at a local flea fair in 2012, was on display at the Wellington flea markets until last week when it was sold for about $3,000.

The kitten’s owner, Jennifer O’Donnell, said she and her husband, Daniel O’Donovan, are raising money to make the backpack into a home.

“We’re trying to raise money so that I can buy the backpack so that we can move it to a place that I know can be safe for her and the kittens,” she said.

Kitty backpack at the flea show in Wellington.

“It’s not a real home, it’s not the same as our normal home.”

The Kitten Pack, made by Kitten Kits, is the first ever kitten backpack sold in New Zealand, and was designed by designer Kitten Kincannon.

The bag features a fleece lining, a zippered interior and a zipper for easy storage.

The sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 4.

The Kittens have donated $1,000 to the cause, which includes making the kitten’s family home safe.

Kittens, who are mostly female, can weigh up to 50 pounds and have a length of around 20 inches.

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