How to convert your backpack into a travel bag

Travellers who travel by car or plane can sometimes struggle to find a comfortable, waterproof backpack.

In the case of a water-resisting backpack, there’s little that can be done to make it waterproof.

The biggest challenge is keeping it dry.

In this article we’ll show you how to convert a backpack into an outdoor travel bag and show you what it’s like to carry it. 1.

Find the right backpack The best way to convert an old travel bag into a backpack is to find the right size.

For a smaller backpack, it’s best to use the shoulder strap, which will allow you to carry the bag around without having to bend over and use your elbows to pull it down.

The shoulder strap is one of the cheapest ways to get a backpack that can carry a load of stuff.

The second best way is to use a smaller bag or backpack with a shoulder strap.

For larger bags, you might want to consider a backpack with the hip strap, as this gives you a wider shoulder to reach into when needed.


Cut out the corners and seams A lot of backpackers are happy with the way they have a few pieces of cardboard or fabric around their neck, but there are still some areas of the backpack where they feel a little cramped.

This is where cutting out the pieces can make a big difference.

The corners of the front pockets, for example, can be trimmed to make room for a water bottle, which makes it easy to open and close without bending over.

The seams should be trimmed around the edge of the bag, or you can cut them down a bit.

A lot more backpackers cut out their corners to make way for a backpack.

You can also make the backpack smaller if you prefer.

This will save space on your trip.


Cut away the excess fabric Some backpackers like to leave their pockets exposed, which is a good idea.

This allows them to easily grab a water container or small food item.

You’ll also notice that most backpackers leave a little bit of room in the middle of the back pocket.

This can make it easier to grab your phone or other small items from the bag.


Fold down the top This will help you reach in the back and pull the top open.

It will also make it much easier to open the pocket and close it with your thumb.


Lay down the zipper A good rule of thumb is that you should never fold the zipper down.

This means the backpack should never stay closed, but instead should stay tucked away.

This should prevent you from accidentally dropping something and possibly damaging it.

Folding the zipper open is also very important to ensure you don’t damage the lining of your bag.

Fold the zipper to keep it open and away from your body.

Fold it down a little to ensure it doesn’t come undone during use.

Fold away the top of the zipper so that it sits flush with the top.


Fold your backpack seams down A packer’s goal is to ensure that the edges of the pack don’t interfere with their pocket and the zipper.

For backpackers, this is usually achieved by folding down the back of the top portion of the pouch and then folding down one of its corners.

Fold this part of the fold down to create a more even fold.

This ensures that the bag doesn’t interfere at all with your pocket.


Put your backpack down Your backpack should be put down in a way that doesn’t hinder your ability to access it during the day.

You may need to lay the backpack down so that you can’t use it to stand or to lay it on top of other things, or even to fold it to make a bed.

For most backpacker’s, this isn’t a problem, but it’s not always easy to do.

This might not be a problem for everyone.

In most cases, it is.

If you have a child or a young adult in the pack, they’ll need a more secure position to access the bag while you’re travelling.

If they’re wearing a jacket, they can still use the backpack.

The bottom line is that backpackers need to get used to sitting down and having the bag sit down without interference.


Remove the pocket The most important thing you can do to ensure a bag stays in place when you’re away is to remove the pocket that holds the back portion of your backpack.

This usually involves ripping the front of the pocket away from the body of the carry bag.

It can be very difficult to remove your backpack without damaging your clothes.


Remove excess fabric This is usually the most difficult part to do, but you can usually do it yourself if you have the necessary tools.

Simply lay your bag down flat, remove the front pocket and pull up on the fabric to remove any excess fabric.


Put the backpack back Together Your backpack needs to be completely folded, but not completely unfolded.

The easiest way to do this is to place your backpack back into its original position. This

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