How much does a coach backpack cost?

An Australian backpacker has revealed how much it costs to rent a coach and put a backpacker in charge of it.

The Australian backpackers backpacker, who cannot be named, said it is about $20,000.

“You just can’t go anywhere without a backpack,” she said.

You can get some good value for money in a backpack. “

It’s a good way to make some extra money and it helps you to make money.

You can get some good value for money in a backpack.

I’d recommend it.”

The backpacker said she had spent about $10,000 on her backpack and said it was a good deal for her.

“It does take a bit of time to get used to, but it’s worth it,” she told

The backpackers guide, who lives in the Northern Territory, said she felt comfortable enough with her backpack to take on more travel adventures in the future.

“Being a backpackers person, I don’t really like to be alone, I’ve had my friends over, I like to hang out with them,” she added.

“But when I’m not travelling I like just to have a good time, and have fun.”

The guide said she would not be going back to the backpacker’s campfire.

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