Why you should wear a womens purse to work

Womens backpack purses are becoming increasingly popular among the tech industry.

They are designed for women and feature pockets for smartphones, a padded front panel and a built-in camera, making them ideal for the office.

But why?

Should you wear a bag?

The short answer is: no.

Some women will use them, but many won’t.

While they may be stylish, these bags have one drawback: they’re bulky and uncomfortable.

Here’s why.

Pros: Comfortable for all body types Cons: Bigger than most women’s purses, especially for a smaller woman like me Read more 1/10 How to buy a womans bag Read more It’s a simple process to pick one up online and make your own.

You’ll need: Smallest size possible for your size (mine is 6XL) A sturdy shoulder strap (for me, I had to take the strap off to wear the bag) A pocket or pouch for your smartphone or other devices A phone case to store your items Cons: You’ll be taking a bag to work, so you might want to consider the cost Pros: Small, versatile, and comfortable Cons: Not as bulky as most womens bags, especially when compared to other bags that are smaller Pros: Lightweight and comfortable for women with larger shoulders Pros: Made of high-quality materials, so it won’t break in Cons: The front panel is too large for most women Pros: A bag that’s great for your work, but it doesn’t feel like a women purse for me Pros: The back panel is padded for comfort, so women with bigger shoulders will feel comfortable in the bag Cons: Couldn’t find a wom’s bag that fits my shoulders so I have to make it work for me Cons: I’ve only been using it for two weeks and I haven’t used it for any significant amounts of time so I can’t comment on durability yet.

But overall, I’m impressed.

The only thing I wish it had were a few more pockets Pros: Can be worn all day Cons: Would be a great addition to any office environment

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