Swiss backpack maker makes ‘backpacks that are better than your average backpack’

A Swiss backpack company has released its first backpack that can survive the winter and is the perfect way to get the essentials on the trail.

The backpack comes in three sizes and a different colour to make it suitable for both the outdoorsman and the backpacker.

The company, Todt, has been selling the backpacks to backpackers for years.

They use lightweight synthetic materials which are more breathable than the materials used in most backpacks.

The design also allows the backpack to keep its shape while you carry it around. has been making the backpacking backpack for a while, but it only recently began selling the product in more limited quantities.

TODT made the backpack for the US market in 2015, and now has over 300,000 orders.

It is priced at $100.

“We started making these backpacks in order to provide the best value possible,” says Tod’s chief executive, Matthias Ziegler.

“This is our first backpack, and we have some good things to say about it.”

The company’s backpack design The backpacks are made of a synthetic material called Lycra which is stronger than normal synthetic materials.

The Lycron backpack has a very thin, flexible mesh that can hold a load of 20kg or more.

The fabric has a light weight of about 0.2kg, which is lighter than the normal nylon backpacks and more flexible than the traditional Lycran bags.

“These backpack bags are really durable,” says Matthias.

“They have very strong properties and they are very lightweight.”

The backpacking bags are also made from 100 per cent polyester, which means they are 100 per day strong and have a very high waterproof rating.

The synthetic materials are made with a mix of recycled polyester and polyester-coated nylon which are the same as used in a backpack.

The nylon and polyesters are mixed together so the fabric will not degrade over time.

Todo It also comes with two backpacks for a total of two backpacking backpacks, which are designed to keep your gear dry and to help you get to your destination.

“The backpack has two different backpacks with a different design,” explains Matthias, adding that the backpack has two straps, one on each side of the backpack.

“There is a pocket inside the backpack that has a zipper and a zipper pocket that holds your keys, phone, and water bottle.

The zipper pocket can be used for your phone, but not for your water bottle.”

Tod also makes a waterproof version of the back packs, which has two zippered pockets on each back.

The waterproof backpacks also come in three colours, which the company says is more reflective than the standard Lycramas.

The main advantage of the waterproof back packs is that they are waterproof up to 3 meters.

They also come with a second zippering pocket for your smartphone.

“You can use the zipper pocket on your phone or your water-bottle pocket,” explains the chief executive.

“But not your phone.”

Todo’s waterproof backpack design is also one of the reasons why the company’s products are cheaper than those of competitors such as Backpacktech.

The other main reason is the price.

Tods backpacks range from $100 to $150.

BackpackTech sells the waterproof backpack for $140 and the other versions for $100 and $140.

However, both backpacks cost more than the Lycrons.

“That’s why we are making these packs with the Lycan backpacks,” says the chief executives Matthias and Peter.

“Our price is lower than the others.”

Backpacks are not just useful to backpacker and backpacker-friendly people, but also backpackers themselves.

“Backpacks are very practical, and they can be carried around with you,” says Peter.

The packs are lightweight and compact enough to fit into a backpack bag, and there is a built-in zippet for your laptop.

Togt also makes two backpack designs that are suitable for backpacking, which it has sold for about two years.

The first backpack is made of 100 per se carbon fibre and weighs less than a pound.

The second backpack is a lightweight synthetic material with a weight of 4kg and is priced from $130.

Both backpacks have built-ins for your phones, and the back pack is waterproof up, up to three meters.

“Todt has the best backpacks on the market for backpackers,” says Stefan, who has a Tod Tod backpack.

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