What you need to know about Nordace’s backpack, unicorn backpack and dog carrier

Fox News – The last thing you want is for a dog to become a walking, talking, talking animal in your home.

Nordace, a three-legged, cat-eating bear with a mouthful of fur, has an ingenious solution to that problem.

It’s called the Unicorn.

The Unicorn, a 3-year-old unicorn, is a small and lightweight backpack that’s perfect for anyone who likes to pack and carry.

With a wide range of options and a large capacity, it’s the perfect backpack for backpackers looking for an affordable way to travel.

Nordace was born to the bear and cat owners of Fargo, North Dakota.

He has been with the family since he was 3 months old and now weighs just over four pounds.

It all started when his parents, who live in a tiny trailer park, decided to add the bear to their collection of animals.

They named him after the bear that ran away from their trailer in Yellowstone National Park.

It was the first bear they bought, so the family began breeding it.

Since then, they’ve had many other bears and cats.

Now, they have more than 500 of the small animals, including the one they got from a breeder in Wyoming.

The Unicorn’s unique appearance is due to the fact that the animal is born with fur, which makes it feel more like a furry version of its mother.

This allows it to walk upright and can help it keep its balance.

It also makes it easy to hold and hold onto because the fur helps keep the animals balance.

It’s a bit like having a puppy or kitten in your arms, Nordace said.

It also has a little bit of an advantage when it comes to the backpack’s weight, which is about three pounds.

The bear weighs about the same size as a small dog.

That means the Unicorn is much lighter than a typical backpack.

But it also has the advantage of being able to carry the Unicorn inside the backpack.

If the bear is not inside, Nordaces weight can be transferred to the Unicorn’s body, so it can still be carried by other people.

The bear can even sleep on its back, Nordas friends say.

“We have the ability to bring the bear inside of the Unicorn, and then you have a little little cub, who’s also in the pack,” Nordace told Fox News.

“You can just keep him inside the pack.”

The Unicorn can also carry up to three people.

It can hold up to two people, and has a padded side pocket that allows the bear’s head to rest comfortably on the shoulder strap.

The pouch also has four loops to secure it to a backpack.

Nords backpack also features a little zipper that allows a small amount of room for the bear, which can be used for feeding or bathing.

It can even be folded and stowed in the back pocket for when it’s time to move on to the next pack.

The buck-toothed bear also has some extra room for his fur when he sleeps.

The only downside is that it takes up space, as Nordace says the bear can get on his back and stay there.

The animal’s size and weight also make it easy for people to carry it.

It weighs about six pounds and can carry up two people at a time.

But when it does get hungry, the bear will become lethargic and go into a deep sleep.

The backpack comes with a small, but sturdy, sleeping pad that can be worn over the bears head or underneath the bear.

If you have questions about Nordaces Unicorn, visit Nordaces website.

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