‘Proud of my backpack’ for woman who took up hiking with backpackers

A woman has described her “proud” of her backpack for carrying the backpack of her late father-in-law.

Key points:The backpack of the father-of-one was stolen from his backpacker’s car last weekThe backpack was found on a roadside in the NSW Gold Coast in January2017Ms McBride said she was “a bit surprised” when she got the call about her father-to-be’s backpack last week”It’s my dad-in law’s backpack, so I’ve been thinking of him a lot,” Ms McBride told ABC radio.

“I was thinking, I’m just going to take it with me to my car, just to have a bit of a good laugh about it.”

The backpack, which Ms McBryde said her father had kept for almost 40 years, was stolen in January from a car park in the Gold Coast.

“He had put it in the back of his car and he just took it from there,” she said.

“It was just kind of a strange moment for me, because he was a big guy, he was the man of the house.”

Ms McBrieson said her dad-of to-be, a former miner, worked in the mining industry for a long time and had been living in the region for almost 50 years.

“My dad-as-a-man, he had been working in mining for 30 years and he’d been in the mine for over 40 years,” she told ABC Radio.

“So, I’ve always known him as a miner, so he was always a bit older than me.”

But I had always known that he had always been a hard worker and he was very proud of his backpack, because I guess he was in the same mine for so long.

“Ms Brougham said her family had been trying to contact the man’s employer and to arrange for him to come home, but had been unsuccessful.”

We’ve been told that they don’t have any information on his whereabouts and we’ve been in touch with his employer, who we’re trying to get in touch [with],” she said.”

“He has a lot of respect for his employer and he’s not looking to hurt anybody or anything.”

Ms Broderick said she did not expect the theft to affect her father, who would be “just as happy” with the bag.

“As far as I’m concerned, he’s just delighted to have it with him, so it’s nice that it’s not there,” Ms Brodericks said.

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