How to choose a longchamp backpack

Longchamp Backpack Brands and Brands from the Brands page.

Longchamps most popular brands are listed below. 


The Classic Backpack. 

These are some of the most popular longchamps backpack brands.

 The backpacks are great for backpackers that like to keep their water and food safe and are light weight.

They also come in a variety of sizes. 


the Stash. 

This backpack is the second most popular backpack brand. 

Stash also has great options for longchamping. 


Proud Backpackers. 

One of the brands that is popular with longchams is Proud. 

Their backpack is a great option for long-time backpackers.

Pushing backpacks to their limits can be tough when traveling with a pack full of gear.

The Proud backpack has been around for a while and they have great reviews on Amazon. 


Frost Pack. 

For longchammers who prefer a more compact backpack they can check out Frost Pack.

Frost Pack has been out for a long time and is considered by many to be the best choice for long champs. 


Black Diamond. 

If you want a backpack that is light, comfortable and waterproof the Black Diamond backpack is perfect. 


Giant Panda. 

A backpack that looks good, works well and is well worth the money.

Giant Panda has been in the backpack market for a few years now and is a solid brand.

Giant packs have a lot of different colors and styles. 


Lone Wolf. 

Many longchoms prefer the style of the Lone Wolf backpack. 


Budget Backpack If your budget is a little tight and you can’t afford to spend a lot, this is the backpack for you.

Budget backpackers can find great value on many different brands and styles of longchambers backpack.9. 

Slim Backpack   This bag is great for those who like a small backpack and the slim design is great to carry around.

The Slim backpack has a nice soft fabric and is comfortable to wear.10. 

Alpinist BackpackThe Alpinist backpack is another popular brand that has been going around for quite a while. 


Chocolate Mountain Backpack The chocolate mountain backpack has had a big resurgence and is one of the best brands for long trip backpackers on Amazon as well as other brands on other websites. 


Haul BackpackIf you are looking for a backpack to carry your food, water and water purification supplies then the Haul Backpacks backpack is probably the one for you, however you can also find it on Amazon for around $150. 



The Eagleback backpack is one that you will not want to pass up.

Eagleback is known for its rugged design and durability. 


Longchamps Choice These longchumps choice are some great brands that are perfect for long trekking and hiking.


Zephyr BackpackThese are the best quality options for backpack bags for long trips. 



If you like to go hiking with your backpacks then the Totterback backpack can be a great choice. 


Virgil’s Backpack Virgill’s backpack is very popular with backpackers and longchombs because of its versatility.

Virgil’s backpack has some amazing features that can make it the best backpack on Amazon at a great price. 


Igloo Backpack This backpack is great option if you are traveling with your own gear and can’t find a backpack in the same price range. 


Dell Backpack Dell’s backpack was one of our top picks for long Champs backpack.

Dell offers some really nice backpack brands for backpack backpackers to look at. 20. 

Kinkos BackpackKinko is one the most recognizable brands for the longchamped backpack.

Their backpack is not just about looks but it is also very useful for long hiking. 


Climbing Pants.

Climb Pants is one great brand for long climbers. 


Yogi BackpackThere are a few brands that longchamares backpackers should check out if they are traveling long. 


Convertible BackpackConvertibles backpack can also be used for long distance travel.

This backpack has many different sizes and styles to suit everyone. 


Leather BackpackLeatherback is a good option if your backpack is going to be carrying a lot and it is going into the mountains.

Leatherback is one backpack that long chams should look at for long trail trips.25. 

Warp JacketWarp Jackets is another great brand that long Ch

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