How to find the perfect pet backpack for your backpack

We’ve been working on our Pet Backpack for years, and it’s finally here.

We’ve covered the backpacks in depth in the past, but this time we’re covering how to find one that’s perfect for your personal style. 

The Backpack Backpack is a rugged, multi-use backpack for backpackers and backcountry travelers. 

It features a padded mesh backpack with a mesh interior, a built-in screen, and a zipper.

The backpack is available in four different sizes: Small (under 2.5 lbs), Medium (2.5-3.5 lb), Large (3.75-4.5lb), and XL (4-6 lb).

You can also purchase a small-sized backpack with a detachable laptop sleeve for $70. 

A lot of backpackers will love the fact that it has a built in screen, allowing them to browse the web, view email, and share photos with others.

The screen is also removable, so it can be placed on a belt or in the pocket. 

You can use the Backpack backpack for both hiking and backpacking, but you can also use it for backpacking in the desert or in some remote areas. 

If you’re planning on backpacking for a long distance, you should consider a backpacking backpack because it can withstand extreme weather conditions, which are rare on the planet. 

Check out our Best Backpack Under $200 article for a list of the best backpacks under $200. 

Read more about the Backpak Backpack here. 

Pets will love it! 

Petzl said, “We are a family owned and operated company. 

Our pet-friendly backpack is perfect for backcountry backpackers, backpackers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and those looking to relax with their pet.

We love the versatility of our PetBackpack and can’t wait to see how others use our product.

It is a must have for backpacker families, backpacker friends, and anyone looking to keep their pets happy.” 

PETA said, “Pet backpacks are great for those that want to get out of the city, and have fun with their pets.

They are also great for the backcountry, where they are great to pack your essentials while you are out in the wild. 

Pet Backpacks are designed for people who love to be outdoors, and want to be comfortable and have a comfortable place to pack things.” 

If the Backpacks is your thing, check out our list of best backpacking packs. 

Want to get more tips on choosing the perfect backpack?

Check out the Top Ten Backpack Choices article.

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