When will the NRA get serious about gun safety?

The NRA, a leading firearms manufacturer, is currently running a marketing campaign urging gun owners to use their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves.

The NRA also has announced plans to launch an online magazine, titled The Gun Owner’s Guide, which will feature information on the safety and proper use of firearms and ammunition.

The magazine will also include resources on how to safely store, transport and protect firearms.

The company has already launched a number of marketing campaigns on gun safety, including a television ad which highlights the importance of safe storage and the importance for firearm owners to have a safe firearm. 

The NRA, however, has been at the forefront of efforts to ban and restrict firearm sales.

The National Rifle Association has successfully blocked legislation that would have required all gun owners, even people who have no criminal record, to obtain a firearm license. 

A new bill, which would have banned the manufacture, sale, transfer, and possession of assault weapons, was defeated in the US House of Representatives on February 18, 2017. 

However, a second bill, introduced by Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Joe Manchin, would have allowed people with a felony conviction to possess an assault weapon, and the NRA has successfully lobbied against the bill. 

In 2017, a study found that in California, a state with an average of 9,000 gun owners per capita, the number of gun owners who are in the state with a concealed carry permit is at an all-time high.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, there are nearly 12.4 million people in the country who have a concealed firearm license, with nearly half of them owning firearms.

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