How to get your own unicorn backpack (and more)

Buyers looking for a unicorn backpack can now head to the online marketplace Unicorn to find a unicorn for $3,000.

The company has set up a website that lets people pre-order a pack for the price of a pair of pants and the price will be matched by the unicorn, who will be the one to deliver it.

“We will also do the shipping to your door and the courier will pick up the package,” the website says.

“If the unicorn is not available, the customer will be responsible for the cost of shipping to their door.”

The website says that a unicorn pack can hold 2,500 litres of water, a couple of suitcases, or a laptop bag.

A bag that can hold up to six people can cost $4,500.

A unicorn pack has been in production since last fall, and a unicorn is the legal title of a person, animal or product that can be patented.

The online marketplace is called Unicorn to save you time, but it’s also a good way to avoid the hassle of getting your own backpack.

If you don’t like the idea of getting a unicorn, the company says there are a number of other options that can get you a unicorn.

“We believe in our company and our team,” Unicorn to CEO Chris McNeil told The Globe and Mail.

“The Unicorn brand is one of the few brands that can really take on the market.

It can really put people on a pedestal and give them the confidence that they’re not alone.”

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