How to prepare for winter travel: The backpack

The backpack is a must-have for every backpacker, and a good backpack should be well-packaged.

Here are some essentials to pack when you’re going on a long-distance trek.1.

A sleeping pad and pillows2.

An overnight tent3.

A water bottle and small flashlight4.

A compass5.

Sleeping bags, and an outer-layer sleeping pad6.

A pack, a water bottle, a flashlight, and sleeping bag7.

A flashlight8.

A laptop9.

An extra sleeping bag10.

A good backpack11.

Some snacks, snacks for kids, and snacks for adults12.

Some water bottles and a little water for your sleeping bag13.

A few extra clothes14.

A small tent15.

A camera16.

A backpack17.

A headlamp18.

A waterproof umbrella19.

A tent bag20.

Some toiletries21.

Some socks22.

A little waterproofing23.

A towel24.

Some extra clothing25.

A map26.

Some clothes27.

A whistle28.

Some soap29.

Some hair spray30.

A hat31.

A pair of socks32.

Some earplugs33.

Some food34.

Some towels35.

A bag to carry your sleeping gear36.

A bottle of water37.

A lightbulb38.

A lighter39.

A can of insect repellent40.

A mosquito net41.

A hand pump42.

A bandana43.

A hair brush44.

A pillow45.

A scarf46.

A cloth bag47.

A fire extinguisher48.

A blanket49.

A sunscreen50.

A washcloth51.

A pen to write in your journal52.

A survival kit53.

A knife54.

A book or CD55.

A pocket calculator56.

A pencil57.

A paper clip58.

A notebook59.

A thermometer60.

A trowel61.

A candle62.

A battery63.

A torch64.

A cellphone65.

A cigarette filter66.

A camping kit67.

A nightstand bag68.

A campfire lighter69.

A lamp70.

A binoculars71.

A tripod72.

A GPS tracker73.

A solar panel74.

A video camera75.

A stove76.

A hiking shoe77.

A lantern78.

A raincoat79.

A fleece shirt80.

A shirt for your pants81.

A sweater82.

A jacket83.

A sweatshirt84.

A pants jacket85.

A belt 86.

A vest87.

A coat for your shirt88.

A diaper bag89.

A swimsuit90.

A hoodie91.

A beach towel92.

A purse93.

A set of headphones94.

A new camera95.

A spare camera96.

A portable computer97.

A cell phone charger98.

A sewing machine99.

A toothbrush100.

A plastic grocery bag101.

A box of laundry detergent102.

A baby bottle103.

A laundry bag104.

A roll of toilet paper105.

A couple of extra toothbrushes106.

A tiny camera107.

A coin jar108.

A gallon of water109.

A large flashlight110.

A snack for kids111.

A quiver112.

A dog leash113.

A cat leash114.

A travel bag115.

A radio, a GPS, and other useful equipment116.

A mirror117.

A wallet118.

A key for your keys119.

A photo album for your laptop120.

A credit card to pay for essentials121.

A journal to write down the things you love122.

A guide to the nearest store123.

A list of places to buy items124.

A trip diary125.

A calendar126.

A shopping list of all the essentials that you’ll need for your trip127.

A way to store the things that you need for future travel128.

A trail map129.

A weather map130.

A note for your spouse131.

A place to store your clothes132.

A tool kit133.

A backpacking pack for kids134.

A toiletries kit135.

A lightweight pack for your kids136.

A trekking kit137.

A car camping kit138.

A winter gear kit139.

A first aid kit140.

A second aid kit141.

A fishing kit142.

A bug spray143.

A mop kit144.

A hobo kit145.

A life vest146.

A shelter kit147.

A cooking kit148.

A bathroom kit149.

A garden kit150.

A shovel151.

A telescope152.

A kitchen knife153.

A shotgun154.

A barber’s pole155.

A razor156.

A lawn chair157.

A fork158.

A coffee machine159.

A hot plate160.

A grill161.

A blender162.

A microwave3.

Water for cooking, drinking, cooking for yourself, and for others2.

A snooze device for those with asthma or sleep apnea3.

Ice cream for those

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