How to buy the best airfare for India

A few weeks ago, the country was gripped with a terror attack, but now it has taken a turn for the better.

This week, a new round of airfare prices has gone live on, which is the most popular site for travellers, and which has now been downloaded nearly two million times.

The cheapest airfare available on is for a one-way ticket between New Delhi and Chennai, which costs Rs 7,700.

For a round-trip ticket, it’s a more affordable price, with the cheapest round trip fare for the Delhi-Chennai flight from New Delhi costing just Rs 10,000. is also the site that provides information on all major airlines and the airlines themselves.

All the top 20 domestic airlines in terms of passengers flying on them are now available on the site, with most of the airlines listed on the top 10 cheapest domestic flights.

The cheapest airfares for the airlines on are the cheapest by far.

In the past few months, we’ve seen a number of airlines increase their price on their flights, which have been widely seen as the best way to make money from travel.

With Airtracking, the cheapest flights to and from any city on the Indian subcontinent are shown on the airline’s website, with prices listed for flights to the US, the UK, Singapore and Australia.

Of course, the best part of this is that you can now buy flights on AirTracked.

We’ve seen that in some cases, airlines are offering discounted fares on AirTran and other routes in order to lure customers into their seats. 

The latest batch of new domestic fares on the website shows a number that are slightly higher than the cheapest AirTracking fares we’ve covered recently.

This is probably because airlines are looking to sell their own airfare, or in the case of a number listed on Airtram, are hoping to raise revenue by selling discounted tickets.

It’s a trend that has become more prevalent in recent months, as more and more travellers book their tickets on AirTrackers.

However, AirTracks fare is often quite affordable compared to those offered by other travel agencies.

As AirTrackers fare increases, you can expect a number to go up and some to fall, as the airlines adjust their pricing to the increase in demand.

On Airtracks fare, the average airfare to Sydney from Delhi, which cost Rs 12,000, is currently priced at Rs 11,000 for the round trip.

And while it’s nice to see airlines offering their own fares on their websites, there are some airlines who have gone a step further, offering their fares for free on

A recent Airtracker flight from London to Singapore cost a little over $10,000 in a round trip, which was cheaper than a direct flight from Delhi to Singapore that cost over $100,000 a seat.

Airtrackers fares on Singapore have been increasing significantly in recent years, which are currently selling for a little less than the average fare for direct flights to Singapore from Delhi. 

It’s interesting to see how AirTracker fares on India have been changing over the last few months.

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