Why Samsonite backpack patches are for every backcountry adventurer

Samsonite, the world’s leading supplier of lightweight, durable and rugged backpacks, has launched a new pack patch that will be on sale to help those on the move.

The Samsonite Backpack Patch is a 100% polyester and waterproof design with the capacity to carry up to 15 pounds.

The bag can be worn on its own or folded into a backpack.

The patch can also be used as a backpacking accessory, which is a good way to keep your hands free and dry during the night.

The bag is available in three colors: black, yellow and white.

It comes in a black and red finish, but Samsonite is also offering the Samsonite SuperLight, which features a lighter fabric and a more durable design.

The company says it has been working on the Samsonites for about two years.

“It has been an awesome project to design, manufacture and market a backpack with these qualities,” said Samsonite co-founder and CEO Adam Tse.

“The Samsonites have been designed from the ground up to withstand extreme conditions.”

The Samsonlite Backpack patches are available for $59.99.

You can purchase them online for $15.99 each.

The first pack patch is a black patch that comes in three different finishes: black with yellow and green, red and orange, and yellow and blue.

The other two patches are also available for sale, with the Samsonlite SuperLight available in black and white and a lighter black with green, yellow, and red accents.

Samsonite said it has spent $10 million on the prototypes and has a manufacturing plant in Florida that will produce more than 300,000 patches for the Samson-branded backpack.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase our innovative technology and products to a wider audience and we’re excited to bring these to the outdoors for everyone to enjoy,” said CEO Adam Teal.

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