U.S. Air Force will offer the first of its kind backpack to carry four-wheelers, bike racks and other outdoor gear

The U.s.

Air National Guard will soon offer the world’s first backpack to use four-wheels, bikes and other recreational gear.

The Army, Navy and Marines are among the nations that are expected to sign up for the Army-Navy-Marine Corps Portable Cargo Bags, the Air Force said Monday.

It’s a partnership between the companies and the Air National Guardsman.

The company is a joint venture between A-Systems and C-Hawk.

The two companies created a program to build portable cargo bags in 2013 that was scaled down to make them more efficient for transporting large loads.

They then went to work on the Air Transport Association of America’s (ATAA) Portable Cargo Bag Challenge, which was the Air Guard’s answer to the World Cup and Olympic Games.

The Army and Navy each partnered with A-systems to build and test the new Air Force Portable Cargo Goggles.

The goggles are lighter than existing products, the Army said in a statement.

The new products are a combination of an internal air purifier and an external vent.

They are designed to make it easier for the pilot to breathe, and can be easily stowed in an overhead bin, Air Force spokesman Col. Brian McKeon said in the statement.

The goggles are made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and have a waterproof design, according to the Air Department.

It also features a mesh design to make the bag feel like a jacket.

The Air Force hopes the bags will become popular among people who may not otherwise carry outdoor gear and that the company will grow into a global leader in outdoor-carrying products, according the Air Forces statement.

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